Kiwanis Uptown Riverside


President: Larry Gray

Vice President: Margee Futscher

Secretary: Teresa Denham

Treasurer: Dennis Hodges

Immediate Past President: Ben Orozco

Board of Directors

Michael Adcock

Keith Bottjen

Ken Campbell

Diane Castleman

Steve Mains

Irene Orozco

Chuck Sprague


Community Service: Chenoa Morris

Youth Services: Ben Orozco

Young Children Priority One: Diane Castleman

Human and Spiritual Values: Booker Huling

Service Leadership Program/Scholarships: Norma Nelson

Programs: Grace Slocum

Fundraising and Major Projects: Mike Adcock

Membership: Diane Castleman

Public Relations/Bulletin: Bob Nelson

House: Ken Campbell

A Night At RCP: Kathy Hartman

Riverside’s Got Talent: Chuck and Patti Sprague


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